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Todays Gardening Tips

Grow Potatoes in Barrels To Save Space

“Put some 6 inches of soil and compost in the barrel and then add another 4 inches of sawdust. Chop the potatoes in slices each of which should contain two eyes and let the chopped spuds dry for about 48 hours. After that you can plant them but mind the soil should only cover them, no need to push them to the bottom. Dampen the sawdust and behold - in just few days you will notice sprouts victoriously making their way through the tree shavings. Always makes me cry.

Keep adding soil

Dump another layer of soil each time you see your young stems and foliage grown more than 6 inches. Soak it and always keep the soil damp, but be cautious not to allow overwatering. Proceed doing so until the sprouts reach the top of the bucket/barrel. This "burying" process creates space for more potatoes to form above the parent eye, each time you perform it. Layer after layer and by the time you manage to fill your barrel with soil you will have around three feet of potatoes ready for harvesting. Quite impressive, right? This gets you pounds upon pounds of potatoes to harvest while saving plenty of storage space.”

Gena Lorainne
Allans Gardeners